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Here’s How To Access COVID-19 Relief from Montserrat’s Social Services

The Department of Social Services in the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS) is providing the public with a further update on the process for the ongoing roll out of COVID-19 economic support.

On February 23, 2021, Government announced the Unemployment Support Programme as one of the packages of support being provided to members of the public. Under the unemployment support programme all individuals who are currently unemployed, before or during lockdown, will be eligible for assistance of a maximum of XCD$900.00.

Persons who are employed but whose monthly income is under $900 due to lockdown (February) are also eligible for assistance. If a person is earning under $900, they will be given assistance to bring their monthly income for the month of February to the maximum $900. The maximum amount of assistance any individual will be eligible for is $900 as a one-time payment.

The details on the eligibility and processes being implemented under the Unemployment Support Programme is as follows:

1. Persons who have received an income for February 2021 over $900 whether by pension, Social Security, employment etc. will not be eligible for the COVID19-Relief Support of $900.

2. Persons who have received less than $900 (whether by pension, Social Security, employment etc.) for the month of February will be eligible for a top-up to the $900. For example, if a person received $400 from pensions, social security or employment, then Social Services will pay $500.
3. Persons who have not received any income for the month of February 2021 will be eligible for $900.
4. Persons who received assistance from the Social Services Department/Ministry of Finance under the previous COVID -19 stimulus support are being processed first. Persons will be called to update their information accordingly.
5. Persons are ask to call the Social Services Department from Monday to Friday on 495-5306,495-3895 and 495-7491 if you or your household :-
– have received assistance previously (in 2020) under the Business–employees support programme and have not received a salary of $900 from your employer(s);
– have not received a salary from your employer for a month of February;
– have not received assistance from Social Services Department previously and the criteria outlined applies to you;
– Received assistance from the Social Services Department previously and have not received a call.
Under the Child Support Programme the Government of Montserrat is providing support to all children.
1. All children (0-17yrs) will receive $150. 18 years and up will receive $900.00 if they meet the criteria outlined under the Unemployment Support Programme.
2. Persons whose child(ren) are not attending school, government Daycares, Nurseries or private unregistered sitters, are asked to call the Labour Department from Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on 491-4010 or 491-4020 to register your child or children
for the $150.00
3. Persons with children who are attending schools/private registered sitters do not need to call as the Social Services Department will contact the parents via the information provided by the Ministry of Education.

Payments have already commenced under both programmes.