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John A. Osborne Airport
John A. Osborne Airport looking west.

Helicopter Service to Facilitate Travel During Airport Resurfacing Project

The much anticipated resurfacing of the runway at the John A. Osborne airport has been further delayed.

The project, was originally expected to be initiated in February but had been pushed to March 12th, with a view to 10 days of down time for air travel.

Airport officials said the delays in the arrival of the hot mix plant is the cause. The expected new start date is April 11 to 22, 2021.

Premier Joseph Farrell said the original plan had been to provide a ferry service while the airport is closed for resurfacing. “…every effort was made to secure a ferry, but in the end the effort had to be shelved based on prevailing circumstances in some of our neighboring islands, coupled with the small number of persons travelling.”

Farrell said Cabinet has decided that continued access during the airport closure will be provided via a helicopter service. The helicopter will be on standby to undertake medivac and passenger travel between Montserrat and Antigua.