Lookout site cleared for solar power site
Lookout site cleared for solar power site

Montserrat’s 2021/22 Budget Delayed, Increased Economic Activity Expected in Coming Weeks

While Montserrat missed the vibrancy and economic activity which had become the norm during the month of March for the St. Patrick’s Festival, Premier Joseph Farrell says the economy is picking up on other fronts.
In an update on his government’s operations earlier this week, the premier, who is also Minister of Finance revealed that the annual budget speech will be delayed.
They government has not yet received a confirmation from the UK as to the level of budgetary aid they island will receive. Once the financial aid package has been approved, an announcement of when the speech will be delivered, will be forthcoming.
The minister said work has already begun at the Montserrat Secondary school to retrofit the staff room.
Following the February groundbreaking, work to clear the Look Out site for a 750 KW Solar Project has begun.
Despite, the delays in the project, the minister noted that personnel have begun to arrive for the resurfacing of the John A. Osborne Airport runway.
About 40 non-resident technicians are expected here to work on both the solar power and airport resurfacing projects. This, the minister said, “would have significant economic spill off to the private sector. Businesses and individuals will benefit from home and vehicle rentals, supermarkets, shops and restaurant should also see increased sales. Also benefiting from the projections will be truckers, excavators and other heavy equipment operators, contractors, and labourers.
“This is indeed a good start after those long, dark lock-down days of 2020.”

Source: https://discovermni.com/2021/03/16/premier-joseph-e-farrells-update-on-covid-19-relief-projects/