Mobile Vaccination Clinic Heads to Bank of Montserrat Tuesday

The Ministry of Health and Social Services has announced plans to implement a mobile vaccination clinic on Tuesday, 23 March 2021, in the parking lot of the Bank of Montserrat. This move comes as part of the Ministry’s efforts to increase vaccine uptake as the end date for first time vaccinations approaches.
31, March 2021 has been earmarked as the closing date for first time vaccinations. Ministry of Health officials noted that the date was selected to ensure persons can receive their first and second doses of the vaccine before the batch expires.
In speaking about the upcoming vaccination initiative officials noted that; in February enough vaccines were received for 1,500 persons. Presently 1,188 persons have registered meaning 318 persons can still receive both doses of the vaccine. The Ministry of Health wants to ensure that no dose of the vaccine goes unused.
Therefore all opportunities are being utilized to ensure that persons have easy access to vaccination.
The main intention of Tuesday’s mobile vaccination clinic is to capture those individuals who want to be vaccinated but have not yet had the opportunity to register. Those persons can visit the Bank of Montserrat during the hours of 9:00 A.M to 12: 00 P.M and receive the vaccine. Persons who are scheduled to receive their second dose can also do so at the mobile clinic.
The Ministry of Health is encouraging all residents who wish to be vaccinated to visit the mobile clinic. The vaccine is safe and effective. The latest trials conducted in the United States of America, Chile and Peru by experts from Columbia University and the University of Rochester found the AstraZeneca vaccine to be 100% effective at preventing people from falling seriously ill and found no safety issues regarding blood clots.