A Tritons player takes the ball to the hoop during the opening game as part of Youth Month basketball. (Nerissa Golden Photo)

Feedback Needed on Montserrat’s National Sports & Recreation Policy

The Department of Community, Youth and Sports under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports has begun the final public consultation for the Montserrat National Sports and Recreation Policy 2021-

The goal is to design a clear roadmap to the holistic development of the ideal Montserrat citizen through the benefits of wellness, healthy living and sports for education.

The creation of the Montserrat National Sports and Recreation Policy 2021-2030 will address the need for systematic development in the areas of Sport for All (Accessibility), School Sports (Youth Development) and High – Performance Sports (Competitive Sports).
The vision aims to develop the individual and collective sport acumen of sports personnel in the Montserrat Community. To achieve this goal a multi-thrust approach must address management systems, accessibility, sportsperson resources, infrastructure and regional/international relations.

The draft policy is now published for all sectors of society to make contributions and radio consultations have been facilitated on the “From the Pavillion” program on Thursday afternoons.

A final public consultation is scheduled for Wednesday 31st March 2021 at 6:00p.m. at the Brades Arts and Education Center. The program will be broadcast and in person participation will be subject to COVID-19 guidelines. Individuals interested in participating or making contributions are asked to contact the Policy Focal Point, Kenton Weekes at 491- 5701 or weekesks@gov.ms.

The policy can be accessed here …3-22-21-Sports-Policy_PublicConsultation_Draft_2020