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Helping Hands for Glendon Charity Makes First Equipment Purchase

The local charity Helping Hands for Glendon said it has made its first purchase of equipment for the island’s hospital.
“The month of March was a brilliant month for Helping Hands for Glendon. We celebrated St Patrick’s Day with our ‘Feel Good Friday’s’ and raised through: Go Fund Me – £4384, PayPal – £101.38, Cash donations – £840, Bank of Montserrat – $24,178 EC dollars. This totals $44,082.28 EC dollars.
We are pleased to announce that with your support and donations we have made our first purchase of equipment for Glendon Hospital. We have purchased a Connex 6700 Series Vital Signs Monitor BP, SpO2 (Nellcor), Early Warnings,” the charity said online.
“This is an amazing achievement, and would not have been possible without all your support and we are truly grateful. We will keep you update as to when this piece of equipment will arrives in Montserrat. Thank you to everyone who has donated to Helping Hands for Glendon – Every helping hand really is making a difference.”
The charity’s accounts have been audited by Allen Robyn Associates.
Helping Hands for Glendon will be celebrating National Poetry Month with Poetry Corner Fridays.
To donate:
Hands for Glendon account –
Bank of Montserrat
Account Number: 652 1479