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Public Invited to Give Feedback on Improving Montserrat’s Office of the Premier

A public consultation hub is now open to accept feedback on how the Office of the Premier can be improved.
The consultation hub can be accessed by logging on to
The review began on March 29th and is being undertaken by Woodnewton Associates Limited—an independent consultancy company based in the UK, which was selected following a competitive public procurement process. The intent of the intervention is to examine the structures, functions and staffing within the portfolio to ensure that it is properly equipped to carry out the mandates of the Premier and Cabinet of Montserrat, states a government release.
The Woodnewton Team comprises five individuals, including one local team member.
James Humphreys was a senior adviser in the UK Prime Minister’s Office and co-founded Woodnewton in 2006. He also is a former Professor of Government at City University in London and is leading the project.
Jacqueline Wilson was a Permanent Secretary in the Government of Trinidad and Tobago and a Director in the Commonwealth Secretariat. She also has wide experience in consultancy, including working in Montserrat and other small island states.
Angela Greenaway is a former Cabinet Secretary in Montserrat who is now a lecturer and consultant in economic development who will provide the team with a permanent resource on the island.
Mark Gill is a leading practitioner in public and stakeholder research who has been working on projects in the Caribbean since 2005.
Kelly-Anne Amin is a HR professional with qualifications from UWI and the UK who has supported governments and utilities across the region with organisational transformation.
The Office of the Premier is at the centre of the Government of Montserrat with a vision outlook to engender best practice in strategic leadership, policy co-ordination and the coordinated delivery of programmes for Montserrat’s sustainable development and resiliency.
This review assignment will therefore examine strategic and policy documents and engage with stakeholders with a view to make recommendations on strengthening the portfolio to be more nimble, productive and better aligned to perform its core functions.
The review of the Office of the Premier will be primarily undertaken remotely, with two members of the consultancy team expected on island in June 2021.Throughout the duration of the exercise, the consultancy team will engage with key internal and external stakeholders to gather a wide range of perspectives and input.
A consultation hub is now open to allow individuals including persons in the public and private sectors to learn more about the project, the opportunities to contribute and follow its progress. The homepage of the online hub features a short survey where individuals can provide feedback that would be captured in the review.
The consultation hub can be accessed by logging on to

The review is timetabled to be completed by the end of June 2021.