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You can fly into Montserrat via two airlines and a helicopter service. We suggest flying in so you can capture the breathtaking view of Montserrat and leave via the ferry so you can stretch those final memories of the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean.

New Airline Subsidy Takes Effect on June 1

As of Tuesday June 1, 2021 an updated airline ticket subsidy will take effect, resulting in customers paying XCD$170.00 on the base ticket fare for a single journey to Antigua & Barbuda.

The Access Division made the announcement today and explained that the airline ticket subsidy by the Government of Montserrat will be increased to XCD $170.00, to be deducted from a base fare of XCD$340.00 per single journey. After this deduction the customers will pay XCD$170.00 on the base fare.

The new subsidy will apply to travel until September 30, 2021.

The previous airline ticket subsidy by the Government of Montserrat was XCD150.00.
Customers are reminded that airport and departure taxes are not included in the subsidy.