Lunch on a Budget in Brades, Montserrat

Lunch is on our mind and we thought we would share five places you could grab a bite in Brades, Montserrat without breaking the bank.

Some of these places have areas where you can pull up a chair and eat but for the most part, many pop in for the affordable meal to take back to the office or to eat on the beach or their favourite lunch spot.

Chit Chat – Located on the main road, their rotis are fresh. Get there before the baked macaroni and cheese pie is done. It is so good and a healthy size which makes it a meal all in itself. They also offer lots of other fast food options.

Country Style Restaurant – Mark and his team serve up Jamaican cuisine well into the afternoon but I wouldn’t wait too late if I were you. Meals range from $10 to $20 depending on whether you are after some fried chicken, stew pork or jerk.

Stew pork lunch from Country Style.

Fiona’s at Economy Bakery Fiona keeps things simple for you. Pelau is always on the menu but disappears quickly and it is either a $5 bowl or a $10 one. There are other tasty choices such as fish or turkey neck and the sides are always moreish. Get their early as her meals are $10 are moves quickly. Place your order inside the main bakery in Brades and don’t go to far as your order is up.

Nostaljah – Yellow Truck in Carr’s Bay Everyone just calls it the Yellow Truck but the business is actually called Nostaljah. All we know is you won’t be disappointed with the menu options, designed to grab and go. This is a public call for them to put the turkey sandwiches back on the menu but until then their sandwiches are tasty especially on the French baguette. Fried chicken, fries, a local food option on the lunch menu gives you a few choices to meet your lunch time needs.

The Boiling Point in Little Bay – Probably better known by the name of its affable owner and chief cook, Miss Juliet and although not in Brades but close enough in Little Bay, her local food had to make the list. She’s always serving up laughs but you can be sure there will be ground provisions and other good things on her menu. You can find her in the parking lot next to the Market complex.

What others should we include on this list? Tell us who and why in the comments.