Recent COVID Case Was Gamma Variant

The Ministry of Health and Social Services on Friday announced the recovery of the island’s 21st case of COVID-19; bringing to zero, the number of active cases on Montserrat.

Health officials indicated that the individual recovered with no complications and revealed that the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) has confirmed the strain of infection to be the Gamma variant.

Health officials have commended the public on the important role they played in containment; by following the outlined quarantine protocols implemented for travelers to the island. The Ministry of Health further advised that continued vigilance is necessary as there
is a continued risk of imported infections.

Residents must remain alert to actions that increase risk of contracting COVID -19 and continue to lessen that risk by practicing frequent handwashing, wearing face coverings in public spaces and limiting close social interactions, and adhering to the quarantine rules.

The Gamma variant was first detected in Japan in travellers from Brazil in January 2021 and was first detected in the UK in February 2021.