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Montserrat Civil Service Association to Celebrate Youth Week 2021

The Montserrat Civil Service Association (MCSA) will host a series of celebratory events in commemoration of Youth Week 2021. This year, the Union will celebrate under the theme ‘Youth, Resilience, Challenges and Opportunities in COVID-19 times’.
To kick off the series of events, members and friends of the MCSA will worship at the St. Johns Anglican Church on Sunday, August 08, 2021. Immediately following on August 09th, the Union will host a live Panel discussion on Radio Montserrat where youth will explore the topic; ‘COVID-19, Coping and adapting to our new reality’ This discussion will seek to create a forum where youth in the Montserrat Community can share their experience of the Pandemic experience, as well as provide innovative suggestions to members, on how to cope with this new reality.
Additionally, and in keeping with the theme of knowledge sharing, the MCSA will embark on an ‘Education and Awareness Day’ for both members and prospective members alike. On August 10th, youth and executive members of the association will be engaged in activities to further educate the public on all things union. This will include visits to various government departments sharing the good news of the Union movement to one and all. Persons will have the opportunity to sign up, ask questions, and become aware of your union.
Also, on August 10 th , the MCSA will facilitate educational features via ZJB and other Social Media on the following topics;
o The MCSA Insurance System / Your life and health
o Grievance and Labour Matters
o Advantages of joining a Union
International Youth Day will be celebrated on August 12, 2021, and the MCSA will be recognizing several individuals between the ages of 18-35, who were instrumental during the COVID lockdown on island. Additionally, members of the union will benefit from several giveaways hosted via ZJB Radio, in an effort to give back to the community.
On Friday, August 13, the big raffle will be drawn for the following items:
o One 50’’ Flat Screen Television
o One Smart Device
o One Toaster Oven

Participants will have the opportunity to win any one of the following items for only EC$20.00. Interested parties can purchase tickets from the MCSA Executive members or from the MCSA Office in Brades.
All participants to the MCSA Youth Week will receive an MCSA Bundle containing Union Information packs, as well as MCSA tokens. These are initiatives led by the Montserrat Civil Service Association in recognition of Youth Week 2021.