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Tropical Storm and Flash Flood Warnings Discontinued for Montserrat

The Antigua Meterological Office has discontinued both the Tropical Storm and Flash Flood warnings for the Leeward and British Virgin Islands.

Residents of Montserrat had been bracing for a direct hit from Tropical Storm Grace which was expected to pass over the island. There was a brief power outage early Saturday evening, a thunderstorm but only sporadic bursts of rain.

A shift to the South spared the island and neighbouring ones as well. Tropical Storm Grace is said to be aiming for Haiti, which suffered a deadly 7.2 earthquake on Saturday morning.

At 11PM on Saturday night, the Met Office statement said Tropical Storm Grace was no longer a wind threat to the Leeward and British Virgin Islands and as a result all tropical storm warnings have been discontinued immediately.

“This afternoon (Saturday), a hurricane hunter aircraft investigated Tropical Storm Grace and found it weaker than previously anticipated, a minimal tropical storm at best. It is possible that Grace could restrengthen, however, if this happens, the system will be well out of our area.

“There is still a lot of time left in the hurricane season; thus, residents should continue to monitor the area between Africa and the Caribbean and stay prepared in order to safeguard life, property, and livelihood from future tropical storms, hurricanes and other extreme weather events,” forecasters at the Antigua Met Office stated.

Early Sunday morning the office added that radar indicates no heavy rainfall for the past several hours and with Grace moving away, the potential for flooding is significantly diminished.