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Island-Wide Outage Leaves Some Communities Without Power for More than 14 Hours

Parts of the island are now coming back online after more than 14 hours without electricity. However, more outages are expected.
Late Tuesday afternoon, Montserrat Utilities Limited (MUL) released a statement apologising for the power outage, adding that load shedding was ahead.
According to the release, the power station in Brades has five diesel generators. “As of the start of day, 17 August, 2021, two generators were down for repairs. A third generator started experiencing synchronizing issues and later the loss of a compressor. Throughout the day, two generators have been working with occasional synchronizing glitches. In order to deal with these glitches, reduced load was needed, resulting in load shedding.”
Brades, Little Bay and other Northern communities had power intermittently throughout the day. Olveston and the Southern side of the island was without power since 2AM until it was turned on after 4PM. No information on how long the load shedding periods will be has been shared.
The power company said they are “hopeful that an additional generator will be operational late 18th August” which will enable them to meet the total island load.