A woman runs tests in a lab as a man looks over her shoulder
Open Testing lab at the Glendon Hospital in St. John's. (HM Governor's Office Photo)

Airport Screening Protocols Captures a New COVID-19 Case

The Ministry of Health and Social Services’ COVID-19 airport screening protocols of arrivals to the island, has identified another case of COVID-19.
According to a release from the Government Information Unit, the new case increases the islands total number of cases to 34; two of which are active. The Ministry of Health further noted that both individuals (newly detected and pre-existing case) are isolated and closely monitored at the Glendon Hospital.
Prior to the detection of the new case, one of the previously announced active cases had recovered from COVID-19.
29 persons are presently quarantined; all in association with travel to the island.
Since the February 2021 outbreak, Montserrat has not experienced community spread of the potentially deadly COVID -19 virus. Officials within the Ministry of Health credit this accomplishment to the robust efforts of the Health Team as well as the commitment of
residents to following the established quarantine protocols.
All residents are urged to continue to avoid breeching the quarantine protocols. Members of the public should refrain from face to face interactions with persons in quarantine or isolation.
Additionally, all residents must continue to practice good hygiene, wear face coverings in public spaces and limit close social interactions to protect themselves from infection.