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Listen – Let’s Get Digital with Nish Brown, Jhovan Daniel and Cadet Morris #ECCBFIM

The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank is hosting a series of interactive radio discussions for Financial Information Month.

The first radio panel on Thursday, October 7 featured Systems Analyst DITES & Programmer at 4th Dymensionm Nish Brown, Senior Systems Administrator MCRS & CEO 4th Dymension, Jhovan Daniel, and Data and Cybersecurity Specialist Denfield “Cadet” Morris.

In the conversation aired on ZJB Radio, they discussed the benefits of using digital solutions such as online banking, applications which support business processes and how to be safe online.

The panelists said that carrying cash is becoming a big no no and solutions such as DCash from the ECCB, Serra, a local money wallet and even the Bank of Montserrat’s mobile banking application are ways to avoid using physical notes.

One of the key benefits to going digital is that business owners can cater to a larger customer base, processing costs for vendors are reduced and spending can be tracked more efficiently.

For personal use, using digital payments and credit cards is a more efficient way to send funds to loved ones, pay for groceries and supplies and reduces the time spent waiting in line for cash.

There will be live radio panels every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:30AM on ZJB Radio Montserrat for the month of October.

Listen to the full conversation —