Montserrat from the air.
Montserrat from the air. (Nerissa Golden photo)

National Consultations for a New Montserrat Sustainable Development Plan to Begin November 1

(Press release)The Government of Montserrat will commence national consultations from November 1, 2021 towards the creation of the new Montserrat Sustainable Development Plan (MSDP); the third national development plan for the island.

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Management stated that the development of the new MSDP is also a time for local residents and persons living in the diaspora to come together and agree to the vision, goals and strategies that will guide Montserrat’s continued development in a sustainable and stable manner.

Development Consultant Albert Daley and colleague Trevor Spence from Jamaica have been contracted to lead the national consultation exercises. Both gentlemen have wide regional experience and were individually involved in the development of Montserrat’s Sustainable Development Plan 2008-2020 and SDP Medium Term Development Strategy 2013-2017.

The consultation will commence in November, with a ‘current reality analysis’ aimed at identifying the root cause of problems affecting Montserrat’s development, followed by strategic visioning workshops and focus group meetings. The information gathered will be used to formulate the short, medium and long term plan. As part of the national sensitization there will be a logo and jingle competition, 2020 Target Performance radio spots and flyers, radio discussions and quizzes.

The intense process includes extensive research, analysis and widespread engagements with all sectors of the population, to come to a shared vision for the country. Importantly, the process will identify critical national needs and priorities, provide a framework for decision making and highlight public and private investment priorities.

To learn more about the process and how to become involved, contact the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management at (664) 491-2777 or by email at

Information regarding the national consultations and the SDP will also be made available via