Miss Montserrat Delegates (screenshot)

Miss Montserrat 2021 Delegates Revealed

Four young women will be vying for the Miss Montserrat crown later this year.
The ladies were revealed in a beautifully produced video on the Montserrat Festivals & Carnival Facebook page on Saturday, October 30.

Fenyx Creations is managing the pageant on behalf of the Montserrat Arts Council. Jo-Annah Richards, head of Fenyx Creations said the theme is Masquerade Beyond Beauty, which is a play on the various masks we all wear including face masks.

The competition will see the women making presentations on the platform theme which is Mental Health. This segment, Richards said will be pre-judged to alleviate some of the final night jitters. The results will be revealed at the end of the pageant.

The organiser also said that this year more elements of the pageant will be standardized which will give the women more opportunity to perform a bit more to ensure they stand out. They wore the same dress design for the reveal video but only in different colors and will wear the same outfits for most of the segments on the final night competition, including swim wear. The evening wear will be their personal choice.

This year, all of the women are sporting natural hair and Richards said she welcomes this in a time when pageantry is often thought to be superficial.

The women competing in the Miss Montserrat 2021/22 Pageant are 19-year-old Nia St. Claire, 19-year-old Jwane Lewis, 25-year-old Kaleah Halloran-Crichlow and 19-year-old Crystal Archer.

The pageant is slated to be held on December 28, at the Montserrat Cultural Centre.

Watch the full video below to meet the ladies and learn more about the upcoming competition.