MSS Student Leadership Team members with the bags of trash they collected around the school grounds.

MSS Student Leaders Beautify Their Campus

The Student Leadership Team at the Montserrat Secondary School this week organised a clean up campaign at the Salem campus.

The initiative was one of the ideas brought forward by Vice President of the SLT Waynette Fenton.

Together with other students the SLT which has representatives from all of the forms in the school worked to pick up trash from the gutters, paint old car tyres to be used as planters and repainted walls and doors which had been covered in graffiti.

Teacher advisor to the SLT Audris Jno-Baptiste congratulated the students on working as a team to execute the campaign. She also thanked MS Osborne, Bruce Farara and the Ministry of Agriculture, especially Thiffanie Williams and Lloydie for their contributions towards this project, aimed at building pride in schools.

The SLT, under the leadership of President Jaena Golden and Fenton have been working this school year to improve communication between the students and officials, build school spirit and support community causes such as the Pink Ribbon Charity.

Here are a few photos from Wednesday’s clean up campaign.