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Cabinet Tightens COVID-19 Controls as Active Cases on Montserrat Increase to 6

The Government of Montserrat has adjusted the COVID-19 suppression measures in light of the number of active COVID-19 cases on island.

During a special meeting of Cabinet today (January 1, 2022), Cabinet members received a situational update on new cases and were also notified by the Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Sharra Greenaway-Duberry that there are six active cases on Montserrat, as of 12 noon today.   Of the six cases, three are fully vaccinated and three are unvaccinated, with some fifty (50) contacts identified, as part of tracing.  Additionally, at least one of the cases reside in the community with no recent travel history.

Given the potential gravity of the situation and taking into consideration the advice from Health Officials, Cabinet decided that as of 6:00p.m. today (January 1, 2022):

  • wearing of face covering (masks etc) is to be reinforced and enforced, and;
  • The number of persons allowed to gather in a public place is 15

Therefore, all events and mass gatherings above fifteen (15) persons are to be postponed for approximately one week, until the extent of the local COVID-19 transmission is determined. This will apply to churches and other religious institutions, outdoor activities and activities at the Cultural Centre.  All Schools (early childhood – day care, nursery centres, primary etc) are to remain closed until January 10, 2022, unless advised otherwise.

Additionally, the Hon. Premier will convene a Press Briefing, at the earliest, to apprise the general public of this evolving situation.  The date and time will be announced.