Montserrat Has 62 Active COVID-19 Cases, Premier Farrell Confident in Health Response

Premier Joseph Farrell announced Friday morning that an additional nine cases of COVID-19 have been identified, bringing the current number of active cases to 61. (Ministry of Health noon figures added an additional case bringing it to 62.)

Farrell, speaking to JGP on ZJB Radio Montserrat, said that there have been no additional hospitalizations and the cases trend from mild symptoms to asymptomatic. One person remains hospitalised with COVID-19. As testing and contact tracing is ongoing, the premier added that we are likely to see additional positive cases. He is hopeful that these numbers will level off if the population does what it needs to do and adhere to the current 8PM to 5AM curfew, wear masks when in public spaces, social distance and frequently sanitise hands and work spaces.

He said anyone showing symptoms should call the St. John’s Health Centre. Do not leave home until you have received an all clear from the health authorities when coming out of a COVID-19 diagnosis.

The premier said that in the early days of the crisis, Montserrat like all other nations had limited knowledge of the virus, no access to vaccines and the other treatments now available for COVID-19. He explained that the response to lockdown the island was necessary at the time but more information and increased vaccine options means that there are alternatives. He commended the health ministry for their stringent protocols which have worked. He said it was important that people adhere to the quarantine requirements as a breach of this is what has lead to the current situation on island.

Source: Friday January 7, 2022 Today’s Statement: “Premier Hon. Joseph Farrell Updates Current COVID-19 Situation On Island” | Montserrat Radio Echo (