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Public Service to Fully Reopen Tuesday, February 1

All Government of Montserrat offices are expected to fully reopen on Tuesday, February 1 after a month of reduced operations.

According to instructions issued by Deputy Governor Lyndell Simpson, as Cabinet has eased some of the COVID-19 restrictions on island, all officers are required to return to the workplace on Tuesday. The operating hours for government services to the public will also revert to its usual time of 8AM to 4PM.
Mrs. Simpson stated that “while the decision has been taken for officers to return to the physical work environment, there are still active cases and local transmission of the COVID-19 virus continues to be a risk. Therefore, it is incumbent on all staff to adopt individual practices to minimize its spread. All managers are required to communicate clearly with employees on arrangements for managing the flow of persons in the workplace, protocols for cleaning, sanitization, mask wearing, social distancing and other guidelines for ensuring the health and safety of all staff.”

The DG also encouraged employees who develop flu like symptoms to alert their manager and remain at home until fully recovered.