Long Service Medals Awarded at Queen’s Birthday Parade

A total of 20 uniformed members of the Royal Montserrat Defence Force (RMDF), Royal Montserrat Police Service (RMPS) and Royal Montserrat Fire Service (RMFS) received medals for their years of service during last week’s Queen’s Birthday Parade.

Governor Tucker inspecting the uniformed troops
Governor Sarah Tucker inspects the troops at the Queen’s Birthday Parade.

The parade was part of the island’s festivities to mark the 70th year of reign for Queen Elizabeth II. It was also the first parade as governor for Sarah Tucker.

Providing music and support were the Antigua & Barbuda Police Band and the Antigua & Barbuda Defence Force.

Lance Corporal Corey Cameron of the RMDF received the Colonial Long Service Medal for 12 Years of Service.

Receiving a First Clasp for 18 Years of Service in the RMDF were Captain Colin Fergus, Sergeant Calvin Lewis, and Corporal Oswald West.

Long service medal for 30 years in the RMPS was given to Superintendent Albert Williams by Governor Sarah Tucker.

Receiving Colonial Long Service medals for 18 Years of Service were Sergeant Ryan Darroux, who enlisted in December 2003, Police Constable Leon Edwards, who enlisted in December 2003, and Inspector (ag) Mataniah Antoine, who enlisted in June 2003.

First clasps for 25 Years in the police service went to Sergeant Jessica J Sweeney, who enlisted July 1996, Constable Kelvin White, who enlisted in January 1995.

Second Clasps for 30 years in the police service were received by Deputy Commissioner Charles Thompson, who enlisted January 1990, Superintendent Albert C Williams, who also enlisted in January 1990, Inspector Julian M Wade, who enlisted in April 1990, and Sergeant Solomon Samuel, who enlisted June 1991.

Antigua & Barbuda Police Band played some of Arrow’s hits during the parade.

Fire officers also received medals for their years of service.

The Colonial Long Service Medal for 18 Years of service went to Fire Fighter Chief Fire Officer (Ag) Kenrick Hackett (enlisted January 2003), Deputy Fire Officer (Ag) Vachel Murrain (enlisted December 2001), Fire Officer Devon Lewis (enlisted December 2001), Fire Officer Sylvina Malone (enlisted December 2001), and Fire Fighter James Adams (enlisted June 2021).

Second clasps for 30 Years of service went to Fire Officer Desi Irish, who enlisted in January 1992.

Vaughn Terrence Ryan, who joined the prison service in May 1997, received a first clasp for 25 years of service.