Montserratian Actor Stedroy Cabey dances in a new music video for Arrow's Hot Hot Hot. The song is 40 years old. (Screenshot)

Montserratian Actor Stedroy Cabey Stars in 40th Anniversary Video for Hot Hot Hot

Here’s some happiness for your timeline, courtesy of a new music video to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the release of Arrow’s Hot Hot Hot.

The video which was released today, July 1 on YouTube features Montserratian actor Stedroy Cabey, who recently graduated from the MA Classical Acting course at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

The music video uses the classic version of Arrow’s biggest hit which has been translated into more than ten languages.

A dark and gray world without soca. (Screenshot from Arrow Hot Hot Hot video)

In the video Stedroy is heading to a bus stop on a London street. The colors are very dark and grey. When he gets to the stop, he sees a pair of glasses which seem to be speaking to him. He can hear the faint sound of the track. Once he puts them on, the day, his clothing and the people around him burst with colour.

Cabey, who is represented by Stanton Davidson Associates, said the music video production company reached out to him and revealed that the Arrow Cassell Estate suggested him for the gig, and they agreed he would be a good fit. Here is what he shared with Discover Montserrat about the opportunity and what is next.

How does it feel to star in a video for the biggest song of Montserrat?

“I never even thought of it as ‘Montserrat’s biggest song’ because it’s just always been a part of life as Montserratian. But when you put it like that it’s pretty major. I’m incredibly grateful.

Happiness courtesy of Arrow’s Hot Hot Hot (Screenshot)

“As a Montserratian I will always do anything positive to push Montserrat forward. I’m very patriotic so I honestly didn’t have to think twice when approached.

“It’s even more special because I worked for Arrow at Arrow’s Manshop as a teenager during my Summer, Easter and Christmas holidays whilst going to secondary school in Montserrat. He was always gracious and generous and very hardworking. Also, as an artist though within the acting realm, I endeavour to also be an Ambassador for Montserrat like he was, as I elevate in my career. He’s an inspiration!

Is there anything else in the works?

In the coming weeks I’ve been asked by a secondary school here to facilitate a drama workshop for some students, which is daunting but exciting. I’m also gearing up to shoot my first feature film next month which is equally daunting but also thrilling.

Apart from that I’m just auditioning for exciting projects which I’m grateful for and just taking each step and opportunity as they come whilst reminding myself it’s a marathon not a sprint.

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