Parliament in Session at the Montserrat Cultural Centre - February 2022

UK Agrees to Fund Parliament Building for Montserrat

The UK Government has agreed to fund a new Parliament building for Montserrat.

According to a release from Speaker of the House Charliena White, recently she and Premier Joseph Farrell met with Governor Sarah Tucker who gave the official word that Britain has committed to funding a building to house the island’s parliamentary meetings and offices.

The Montserrat Cultural Centre is used for the legislative meetings, while the administrative offices are at Farara Plaza in Brades.

The speaker said she has been supported in her quest for Montserrat to get a new building by Sir Lindsay Hoyle, Speaker of the House of Commons.

Members of Parliament had the opportunity to see a concept presentation by three young Montserratian architects, namely Roydenn Silcott, Stefan Buffonge, and Julius Morris on June 13th. Members were able to ask questions and give feedback on how the building process should move forward. Out of that meeting a building committee was established to oversee the Parliament Building project which would include public consultation, design, and implementation.

Speaker White said she is excited that Montserrat could finally have a home for its Parliament, as a symbol of its democracy. She thanked her colleagues across the Overseas Territories who rallied, wrote, and spoke up on behalf of Montserrat and hopes the project will proceed quickly and smoothly.

The speaker has conveyed her sincere thanks to the UK Foreign Secretary and the FCDO for their continued commitment and support to the development of Montserrat.