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Five Teams to Compete in Montserrat’s First Triathlon Relay this Saturday

Five teams are preparing to test their endurance this Saturday in the island’s first Triathlon Relay.

Organised by Coach Cordella Yearwood and the team at the Department of Community, Youth and Sports Services, the relay comprises four events: long- and middle-distance runs, biking, and swimming.

Leg 1 (Yellow) – Long Distance Run | Leg 2 (Red) – Biking | Leg 3 (Green) – Swimming | Leg 4 (Blue) – Middle Distance Run

“Traditionally, a triathlon is a one-person race, however they can be run as relays to include as many legs as possible, but with the three disciplines included,” explained Yearwood. “In this way, we could include a greater cross section of the community. Knowing there was the possibility that no one person may want to do the three legs alone, I decided on a relay.”

The first leg kicks off at 6AM in Salem from Loretta’s Shop with the three-mile Long-Distance Run to Hilltop.

Another team member takes over for the biking race from Hilltop Coffee Shop along the main road, through Cudjoe Head, to Barzeys main road, down St John’s Main Road, and ending at Good Life Restaurant entrance.

The event route map and disciplines per leg are provided.

The third team member handles the one-mile swim in Little Bay. From the shoreline, they must swim towards the red buoy then right towards the Jetty, then across to Delta’s Buoy, back to the red buoy then onto shore.

The last team member handles the one mile run around Little Bay town centre.

The five teams competing are: Outlaws, RMPS Fully Loaded, Team Eruptian, Positive Vybz, and Team Endurance.