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Work Begins on National Youth Policy 2022 – 2030

A five-member committee has been tasked with undertaking the revision and drafting of the Montserrat National Youth Policy, 2022-2030.

According to a statement from the Department of Community, Youth & Sports Services, the purpose of the policy is to facilitate the development of an environment that optimizes the potential of all youth residing in Montserrat.

“Specifically, the policy seeks to do the following:
1. Define a common vision for youth development
2. Articulate the framework for the local service providers and at the same time attract international donors working in youth development
3. Articulate the roles and responsibilities of youth in their personal and national development
4. Serve as a tool for advocacy and the multi-sectoral approach to Youth Development and
5. Guide the Youth Department in the development and delivery of its programmes.”

Spearheading the project is Youth Worker within the Department of Community, Youth & Sports Services – Claris Yearwood. Other committee members are Nerissa Golden, Jermaine Wade, Michelle Cassell and Alba Smeriglio-Heimpold.

The process which began in July will include but is not limited to revieing related youth policies from around the region, stakeholder engagement, public consultations, and core management consultations.

The committee is expected to commence stakeholder engagements in late August. These are expected to encompass a wide cross-section of youth, civic groups, public and private sector agencies, and religious entities.

The revision and drafting of the Montserrat National Youth Policy is forecasted to be complete within six to seven months from the commencement date.