Three Appointed to Volcano Relief Committee

The Cabinet of the Government of Montserrat has approved the appointments of three representatives to the Volcano Relief Committee, according to the Cabinet Notes from August 11, 2022.

The Volcano Relief Fund Act of 1997 and 2011, was amended in 2021 to change its purpose to that of assisting “communities in which persons who have been displaced by volcanic activity reside through the direct funding of project or grants to community associations, government approved associations and established outreach groups.”.

The new representatives are:

i) Representative of the Montserrat Christian Council – Trevor Howe;
ii) Representative of the Montserrat Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Daphne Furlonge; and
iii) Representative of the Trade Union Movement – Linda Dias.

The fund was set up to manage financial contributions made by individuals and organisations for the purpose of rendering assistance to Montserrat and to people affected by volcanic activity.

The Committee has the power to make payments out of the Fund in the form of grants or loans, support the establishment or maintenance of any project or scheme for the benefit of people affected by volcanic activity. They can also entrust the income of the Fund to organisations or individuals the Committee thinks appropriate for the purpose of rendering assistance to persons affected by volcanic activity.

The Committe also includes the Minister for Education, Health and Community Services, an elected member of the Legislative Assembly who is not a member of the Cabinet (member in opposition) appointed by the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly; (Amended by Act 9 of 2011), and the accountant general.

Source: Volcano Relief Fund Act (