Parliament in Session at the Montserrat Cultural Centre - February 2022

Legislative Assembly Standing Orders Being Reviewed

A five member Standing Orders Committee, which was appointed by the Montserrat Legislative Assembly to review its Standing Orders, is meeting this week to finalise a draft Standing Orders for the Assembly.

A release from the Legislative Assembly office explained that “Standing Orders are the written rules, which govern the proceedings of the Legislative Assembly including the passage of bills, rules of debate, the maintenance of order and the appointment of committees.”

Appointed to serve on the committee are members of the assembly. They are Minister Charles Kirnon, Opposition member Claude Hogan, Parliamentary Secretary Veronica Dorsette-Hector, Opposition Member Donaldson Romeo, and Speaker of the House Charliena White is the Chairperson.

The finalized draft Standing Orders will be presented to the Legislative Assembly for consideration and approval. Martyn Atkins, from the House of Commons in the UK Parliament, is on island assisting with the process.