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Sample DMCA emergency kit for Cavalla Hill Shelter

2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season Ends with No Impacts to Montserrat

The Disaster Management Coordination Agency (DMCA) is thanking residents for their vigilance and preparedness during the 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season, which ended on Wednesday, 30 November 2022.

Director of the DMCA, Lieutenant Colonel Alvin Ryan, said Montserrat was fortunate to avoid direct hits from Tropical Storms and Hurricanes during the 2022 hurricane season, but other places were less lucky.

The 2022 Hurricane Season had 14 named storms, of which eight became hurricanes. Two of those became major hurricanes of Category 3 or higher.

Lieutenant Colonel stated even though the Hurricane Season has ended, severe weather may still occur, hence residents and visitors on Montserrat are advised to continue to pay close attention to local weather reports, advisories and bulletins published on the DMCA social media platforms and website and ZJB Radio.

He added that Montserrat is also vulnerable to other natural hazards like heavy rainfall events, fires, earthquakes, flash floods, tsunamis, mudflows, and rockfalls, therefore it’s vital residents, visitors, and businesses remain vigilant and be prepared.

Lieutenant Colonel urges residents and visitors to pick up a copy of the DMCA’S 2022 Christmas Festival Emergency Preparedness Guides available island wide.