WINAIR Charters to Montserrat Cancelled, Says MACG

Effective today, Monday, December 19, 2022, all scheduled MACG/WINAIR charter flights have been cancelled.

President of the Montserrat Access Group Desmond Meade announced this, earlier today.

Meade said that in an email from WINAIR Chief Pilot Captain Michael Awai II noted that, “WINAIR has been instructed to comply with and adhere to Performance TYPE A rules when operating into and out of the JAO airport”.

According to Meade, the notice was received by WINAIR, in a letter emailed on December 13th, 2022, at 1:45pm. MACG was informed immediately of this newly imposed restriction. MACG along with the St. Maarten Civil Aviation Authority, ASSI and the Government of Montserrat, remained in continued negotiations through this holiday season to restore normal flight operations into the JAO airport by WINAIR.

“MACG regrettably, therefore, notifies all passengers booked for the December 21/22 charter, that this flight and any further charter flights are cancelled until further notice. Passengers who have paid for their charter tickets will be granted a full refund (NOTE banking finance charges are not refunded or rebooked as appropriate on other scheduled operators into Montserrat.

“Please contact Desmond Meade at 954-805-5663, or email for refunds or next flight bookings confirmation. MACG has already contacted the flight service operators for flight seat availability and schedule. Again, MACG sincerely apologizes for these unforeseen flight services operations and is working to a rapid resolution for resumption of normal WINAIR support,” the statement read.

Last week, the MACG head said that last week, they were told by Chief Pilot Michael Awaii II, WINAIR, in 2022, received continued operational approval into John Alfred Osborne Airport in February and August, by ASSI Chief Operations Inspector Justin Rothwell, which requires a full AUDIT of Manuals and flight crew qualification, as required by the Air Navigation Order ANO. MON004 (as amended February 2020).

MACG had been in talks with the Government of Montserrat to apply the required administrative pressure on ASSI and HE Governor Tucker to rescind all letters of restrictions against WINAIR, Meade said.

Montserrat’s access issues are challenged this Christmas as many people attempt to return for the 60th celebration of the December festival here.