MAPD Donation from John Sweeney

John Sweeney’s Montserrat Fund Donates to Montserrat Association for Persons with Disabilities

A representative of the Montserrat Association for Persons with Disabilities (MAPD) said Wednesday that two major projects in 2023 will benefit from the donation received from the John Sweeney’s Montserrat Fund.

Speaking on ZJB Radio Montserrat, Craig Brewin, who is head of projects for the MAPD said that next year the charity wants to launch an accreditation scheme for businesses here as well as produce a short film on living with disabilities.

Brewin said the accreditation programme will encourage property owners to allow the association to evaluate their buildings and rate them on their suitability of use by persons living with disabilities. The organisation is also hopeful that government buildings will be included in the programme which will help to build confidence in the island’s development as a home for all.

Brewin was appreciative of the $1000 donation from the fund which regularly makes contributions to non-profit entities on the island which serve the vulnerable and disadvantaged. It also contributes to educational and cultural causes.

Representative of the fund, Elizabeth Piper-Wade said she was pleased to make the donation on behalf of Mr. Sweeney, who is based in Canada. She told Brewin on air that it was “very important work that you do.”

The MAPD celebrated their10th anniversary in 2022 and is primarily focused on raising awareness of persons with disabilities. Their aim is to make Montserrat a society which is inclusive of all.

Brewin said that the organisation receives an annual contribution from the Government of Montserrat of $1000 and today’s donation matched that amount. The organisation is heavily reliant on donations and fundraising campaigns.

“We do what we can to individuals who come to us,” Brewin added.

The group has supported cases such as that of Steve “Iceman” Weekes and his dismissal from government due to a visual disability. The MAPD from time to time also assists residents with the provision of canes and other equipment to improve the lives of people living with a disability. They also make every effort to be included in discussions such as the Port Development Project and the Hospital Project to ensure the views of people with disabilities are represented in the plans and policies.

The MAPD official said another goal of the group is for the library to have a disability corner.

To contact the association, visit their Facebook page.

Source: Wednesday December 21, 2022 “John Sweeney’s Montserrat Fund Donates $1000 to Montserrat Association for Persons with Disabilities (MAPD)” | Montserrat Radio Echo (