Miss Teen MNI - Shania Morrison

Shania Morrison is New Miss Teen Montserrat 2022

Congratulations are in order for Fenyx Creations on the fantastic staging of its 2022 Miss Teen Montserrat pageant on Thursday, December 22 at the Montserrat Cultural Centre.

In front of a full house, five young women competed for the opportunity to wear the crown and the title of Miss Teen Montserrat. This honour is now bestowed on 17-year-old Shania Morrison., who won most of the segments.

The four-hour competition was hosted by Dr. Tiffannie Skerritt and Sandrae Thomas.

The five ladies competed in six categories: Introduction, Interview, Platform Presentation, Casual Wear, Talent, and Evening Gown.

Interview questions used information from their bios and their selected platform, which was focused on Montserrat’s flora and fauna.

The young ladies provided lots of useful information on creatures such as Montserrat’s lizard, the national bird, and our endemic orchid.

In the talent segment, delegate #1 Sheviyona Thomas played the violin and also sang. Delegate #2 Roneike Duncan sang, while delegate #3 Hanna Morillo danced. Delegate #4 Shanon Campbell performed a spoken word piece and Delegate #5 Shania Morrison danced.

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After the final tally from the judges, the winners were announced as follows:
Miss Photogenic – Shanon Campbell
Miss Congeniality – Roneike Duncan
Best Introduction – Shania Morrison
Best Interview – Shania Morrison
Best Platform Presentation – Shania Morrison
Best Casual Wear – Shania Morrison
Best Talent – Roneike Duncan
Best Evening Wear – Shania Morrison
1st runner up – Roneike Duncan
2nd runner up – Shanon Campbell
Winner – Shania Morrison

Watch the show on demand on MACTV at Fenyx Creations presents Miss Teen Montserrat 2022 | ComeSeeTv Broadcast Network