CIPREG Extended to March 2025 with Additional £10m for New Parliament Building and Hospital Project

The governments of Montserrat and the United Kingdom have agreed to a funding increase and time extension for the Capital Investment Programme for Resilient Economic Growth (CIPREG).

This increases the total value of CIPREG by £10m and extends the programme completion to March 2025. The total value of the programme is now £40m.

The additional funding will be used to:

 Support a new Montserrat Parliament building.

 Increase support for the National Hospital project and ensure this meets UK specifications.

Governor Sarah Tucker expressed her sincere thanks to the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) and UK Government for providing this additional support to Montserrat.

“My thanks to everyone in the FCDO, the Government of Montserrat, the Public Service teams and to my Office for their collective hard work which ensured Montserrat will receive this vital additional support,” said Governor Sarah Tucker.

Referring to the budget extension, Premier, Joseph Farrell said “I wish to thank the UK Government for its continued support to the Island. I look forward to a continued working partnership with the FCDO and the Governor’s Office to ensure these essential projects are delivered.”