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ECCB Governor Timothy N J Antoine

ECCB Wins Central Banking Award for Production of ECCB Connects

The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank has captured the prize for Best Communications Initiative in the 2023 Central Banking Awards, for the production of its weekly public education programme – ECCB Connects.

Central Banking is a UK-based financial publishing firm and an industry-leading information resource.

ECCB Connects captured the communications award for its innovation in information sharing, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Bank also received commendation for the wide range of topics discussed, the diversity of the guests, and the inclusion of citizens from across the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU) in the programmes.

Through the ECCB Connects initiative, the ECCB aims to engage the people of the ECCU on economic, financial, and social issues that affect them, while simplifying and sharing how the ECCB works. It creates the platform through which ECCB staff members participate in
discussions that demystify and simplify the functions and work of the Bank. “Here at the ECCB, we are continuously striving to make it plain, to make it simple, to make it accessible to the people that we serve,” said Governor of the ECCB, Timothy N. J. Antoine in his acceptance speech.

The ECCB Connects programmes also bring together partners and members of the ECCU public to share their views and expertise on financial and economic issues affecting the region. Their involvement and collaboration is key for content creation, including being featured as programme guests.

ECCB Connects was first aired on 6 April 2016 and is produced entirely in-house by a small production team led by Shermalon Kirby, Acting Director and Communications Specialist, Corporate Relations Department. Programmes are distributed primarily via the ECCB Connects social media platforms and through some television stations across the region.

Communications initiative: Eastern Caribbean Central Bank – Central Banking