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First Agriculture and Fisheries Forum Coming April 19, 2023

The Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Housing and the Environment will be hosting its first Agriculture and Fisheries Forum on Wednesday April 19th 2023 in the Montserrat Cultural Centre Conference Room.

According to a release from the Department of Agriculture, the “The forum seeks to update the public on upcoming activities – e.g. white potato project, plantain sucker propagation, soil analysis, fish aggregating devices – and policies around crop, livestock and fisheries production.

The forum, slated to run from 6PM to 7PM, will feature a panel of technical officers from the ministry, who will lead discussions, respond to questions and ideas related to the planned subjects. Each segment is expected to take 20 minutes. Crop Production from 6PM to 6:20PM, Livestock Rearing from 6:20PM to 6:40PM, and Fisheries from 6:40PM to 7PM.

The release also noted that “it is the intention of the ministry to use this forum to get the public’s input on crop, livestock and fisheries production and develop solutions for highlighted challenges which will be presented at future public forums. Subsequent forums will be divided by subject to fully commit the discussion to the respective sector. The public are encouraged to join us for a very productive and
thought-provoking event.”

Additional comments, ideas or concerns can be shared with Dr. Kevin Crooks, the Agriculture Development Specialist at the Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Housing and the Environment by email at or telephone 1-664-491-2075.