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RMDF photo

Montserrat Police & Defence Force Teams Training for King Charles III Coronation Duties

Officers and personnel from the Royal Montserrat Defence Force (RMDF) and the Royal Montserrat Police Service (RMPS) are currently in United Kingdom to begin preparations for their participation in the May 6,2023 coronation of King Charles III.

This is the largest contingent that Montserrat has sent to a Coronation. Ten members of the RMDF and two officers from the RMPS left island this week to join their counterparts from across the British Overseas Territories (BOTs) and the Commonwealth. Montserrat was represented at the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 1952 by Captain Cyril Taylor, a former Commanding Officer of the RMDF.

Sgt Maxcine Lee and PC Shevon Charles with RMPS Commissioner Dr Nick Caveney and Governor Sarah Tucker (Governor’s Office Photo)

According to a release from the Defence Force, their team of 10 will join military personnel from across the UK Armed Forces, the other BOT Units and units from a number of Commonwealth Nations. The troops are will be housed at Brunswick Lines, Pirbright training camp with troops from the British Army and other BOTs.

Approximately 4,000 military marching troops are expected to be participate in the procession from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace at the conclusion of the Coronation ceremony inside the Abbey. The route will take the troops along Whitehall, through Admiralty Arch up the Mall into Buckingham palace grounds. Troops will march about 1.42miles (2.29km) during the procession, which will be followed by a Fly Past from the UK Armed Forces.

RMDF at airport (Discover Montserrat Photo)

RMDF Commanding Officer Lt. Col. Alvin Ryan will have additional duties as part of the Senior Officer’s Cohort (SOC). The SOC comprises of over 100 senior officers from the Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force selected based on current and honorary appointments as well BOTs and Commonwealth Defence Advisors, explained the release. Upon the completion of the Coronation Procession, the SOC will parade in Buckingham Palace Garden to salute and give three cheers to the King and Queen Consort.

There will be various rehearsals and practice sessions which the team will be a part of, including an overnight dress rehearsal to ensure that all the necessary timings are known.

Prior to the team’s departure they met with Governor Sarah Tucker who wished them the best on their assignment.

The RMDF release expressed thanks to the Government of Montserrat for financing the team’s trip to the UK and the Governor’s Office for facilitating the invitation from the UK government for them to participate in the Coronation Procession.

RMPS officers Sgt Maxcine Lee and PC Shevon Charles will be part of the UK Coronation Police Team.

The members of the RMDF contingent are:
Lt. Col. Alvin Ryan
Capt. Colin Fergus
OCdt Carmencita Duberry
WO1 Barry A. C. Williams
Sgt. Deverson Semper
Sgt. Melvin Lindsey
Cpl. Oswald West
A/Cpl Corey Cameron
A/L/Cpl Alison Richards
Pte. Princess Hixon