Community Encouraged to Inform on Child Sexual Offenders

Members of the public who have knowledge of anyone committing a sexual offence against a minor are being encouraged to share this information with the relevant authorities.

The Royal Montserrat Polic Service (RMPS) is encouraging the practice on the heels of the early morning arrest of five men based on allegations of child sexual offences.

Anyone with information about incidents of child sexual abuse are encouraged to report it to the police, the Social Services Department, or places of education. The RMPS says all “reports will be treated seriously and sensitively.”

“I want to reassure the public that the RMPS is working in close connection with other agencies across Montserrat to keep people safe and to carry out a thorough investigation,” a release from new RMPS Commissioner Dr. Nick Caveney stated.

The minimum age for consent in Montserrat is 16 years. Often due to lack of parental supervision, increased poverty or a desire to own items such as a mobile phone or other pricey items, children are groomed to have relationships with older men and women in exchange for money or the things they desire.

The RMPS can be contacted on:

CSU Department – 664-491-7789

Police HQ – 664-491-2555

Email – or in person at Brades Police Station.