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Diaspora Invited to Give Feedback on the Government’s Outreach in the U.K. & Beyond

The Auditor-General (Ag), Miss Marsha Meade, is happy to announce the launch of a study by the Office of the Auditor General (O.A.G.) in Montserrat. Members of the Diaspora are being invited to give feedback on the Montserrat Government’s outreach towards, services to, and engagement with, Montserratians abroad.

Via an email survey, the goal is to correspond with as many people as possible to garner their experiences with the Government of Montserrat and what services they wish to see added or improved.

The O.A.G. would like to reach Montserratians in the U.K. and beyond and/or persons who are interested in doing business / trade / travel / tourism / investment / etc. in or with Montserrat. This could include anyone who has had experience in contacting, making queries, or doing business of any kind with/through, for example, the Montserrat U.K. Office, Montserrat’s Tourism Division, Montserrat’s Office of the Premier, Montserrat’s Office of the Deputy Governor, or any other Department of the Government of Montserrat. We want to get feedback about stakeholders’ experiences with particular Departments/Ministries, if any, but also generally in doing or trying to do business with Montserrat.

The audit is to evaluate how well the Government of Montserrat is serving the Montserratian Diaspora, particularly in the U.K., and what are the challenges and the opportunities of past/recent years as well as any new ones.

It is partly looking backward to review what the Government has done or not done, and how well it has met overseas citizens and stakeholders’ needs, as well as looking forward to areas for improvement, better engagement, more outcomes, and better outcomes for Montserrat, including what we can learn from other British Overseas Territories. Everyone interested in contributing to this study should complete the questionnaire, which is available at this link:

Then, please send completed questionnaires via email to Audit Manager, Brent Shuffler, at or alternatively you can email the Auditor General (Ag.), Miss Marsha Meade, at or