A shelf at Victor's Supermarket in Davy Hill.

Food Voucher Relief Programme Rolls Out August 10

The Government of Montserrat will rolls out its Food Voucher Relief Programme on Thursday, 10 August 2023.

According to a release from the Disaster Management Coordination Agency, the programme is to assist residents who need economic relief during these challenging times.

“The initiative will enable each household on Montserrat to purchase up to $300.00 worth of grocery supplies from any supermarket of choice participating in the programme,” the release stated.

The Social Services Department will administer the food voucher programme, provide the vouchers, and manage the reimbursement of funds to participating supermarkets after they have been submitted, with the purchase receipts attached.

The participating supermarkets are Aravins Enterprises, Ashok’s Supermarket, Angelos International, Victors Supermarket, The Umpire, Deepak’s Supermarket, Edith’s Enterprises Limited, Silane’s Bakery and Grocery, Rams Emdee and The People’s Mini Mart (Salem).

Each household can collect three vouchers valued at $100 each to purchase groceries only. Supermarkets are prohibited from redeeming vouchers for alcohol and cigarettes.

Food vouchers are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash, no change will be given, but householders can add money to the voucher.

Food vouchers can be collected from central locations across the island from Salem to Look Out.  Each collection point will operate for two  days to allow residents in neighbouring areas to collect vouchers.

Food vouchers will only be issued to the head of each household, who must provide a valid form of identification (passport, driver’s licence or social security card) to collect the vouchers.

The deadline for the use of food vouchers will be Friday, 15 September 2023, therefore householders are asked to be mindful of the date.