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15 Supermarkets to participate in the GoM Food Voucher Relief Programme

The Government of Montserrat announced today, that a 15 supermarkets will participate in its Food Voucher Relief Programme which starts on Thursday, 10 August 2023, in Salem, and ends on Thursday, 17 August 2023, in St Peter’s.

Each household will be able to purchase up to $300.00 worth of grocery supplies from any supermarket of choice participating in the programme. Each household can collect three vouchers valued at $100 each to purchase groceries only. Supermarkets are prohibited from redeeming vouchers for alcohol and cigarettes. The deadline for the use of food vouchers will be Friday, 15 September 2023.

The voucher scheme is intended to defray the losses that many households experienced with the island-wide power outages which lasted more than a week in July, 2023.

The list of participating supermarkets and their locations is below.

Participating Supermarkets Location
Angelos International Brades
Aravins Enterprises Inc St John’s
Ashok’s Supermarket Brades
Destiny Supermarket (Prince) Salem
Deepak’s Enterprises Limited Davy Hill
Edith’s Enterprises Ltd /AH WE Shopping Center St John’s
Good Samaritan Cudjoe Head
M&B Mini Mart Look Out
MS Osborne Ltd Brades
Nadine’s Grocery and Vegetables Sweeney’s
Rams Emdee Enterprises Ltd Salem
Silane’s Bakery and Grocery Davy Hill
The People’s Mini Mart Salem
The Umpire Frozen Meats & More Brades
Victor’s Supermarket Davy Hill