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Media and Tourism Stakeholders Updated Port Project, Dredger Returns

Officials from the Government of Montserrat’s Port Development Project continued their stakeholder engagements with the tourism sector and local media, this week.

On Wednesday, August 9, Rawlson Patterson, the Project Manager presented at the Montserrat Tourism Division’s stakeholder session to provide an update on the construction of a new pier in Little Bay.

Patterson said annually, 37% of the time, boats are unable to dock and offload their cargo or visitors due to heavy swells. Already for 2023, Patterson said no dock days has increased to 47%. The new 130m-long structure is expected to reduce the number of days that the pier cannot be used to 16%.

On Thursday, Patterson and his team introduced visiting FCDO Communications Officer Alaine Codner to the local media. The aim was to garner feedback from media houses on their view of current information coming to them about the port project and how this can be improved.

Dredging in Little Bay

Dredging works are expected to resume immediately once the suction hopper vessel, Elbe returns.

Suction vessel Elve in Little Bay harbor.

According to a joint release from Meridian Construction and the Government of Montserrat, the vessel is scheduled to return to Montserrat, on Thursday night.

A long reach excavator arrived on Wednesday August 2nd to assist with the dredging operation.

Dredging works were halted in late July when the Elbe encountered large boulders in the Little Bay harbour.  The release explained that the excavator with an extra-long boom/reach would allow the equipment to reach greater depths than the excavators seen on island.

“This equipment is part of the strategy geared towards the efficient removal of materials and allow for the design dredge depths to be achieved,” it added.

The vessel is expected to remove and estimated 120,000m3 of sand and other debris from the harbour to facilitate construction.

The public is being cautioned to remain at a safe distance away from the dredging operation as it resumes. Everyone must adhere to the signage and floating barriers that will be put in place to ensure the safety of all.