Minister of Housing Encourages Aspiring Homeowners to Access Government Housing Programmes

Minister of Lands & Housing Crenston Buffonge on Saturday, August 12, 2023 encouraged aspiring homeowners to take advantage of Government of Montserrat grants to make their dreams of owning a home a reality.

The minister was speaking at Bank of Montserrat Ltd.’s first Homeowners Showcase held at the Montserrat Cultural Centre.

Minister Buffonge commended the Bank for the initiative to educate young people about owning their home. He admitted that he too could have used some advice when he first embarked on his journey to own a home here.

“We have always been a people who prided ourselves in building our own home. It is equally important for us to know how to build and maintain it. This symposium is timely,” the minister stated. “I firmly believe that homeownership plays a crucial role in shaping a stronger and more prosperous society. It is also a catalyst for economic development.”

The minister shared three pieces of advice during his remarks for aspiring homeowners. “Understand your mortgage options. Examine your private preparedness and Be realistic about what you can afford to build and what you can maintain.”

He said that the Government of Montserrat’s are available to access. He invited attendees to see which of the programmes they qualify for. They are the $40,000 grant to build a home to live in or rent, acquiring a service lot to build a home or the $40,000 Customs Duty allowance for building your first home.

House are more than a structure. It is “where families are made and dreams come to life,” Minister Buffonge said.

The minister closed by saying his ministry will continue to partner with Bank of Montserrat to offer low-cost housing solutions for first time and other buyers.

Watch the Bank of Montserrat’s Homeowners Showcase presentations below.