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Montserrat Customs Officers at Antigua training

Montserrat Customs Officers Complete Two-Week Attachment with Antigua Customs

Officers from Montserrat Customs and Revenue Service recently completed a two-week period of attachment with the Antigua Customs Division.

According to a release, six junior and trainee customs officers and one supervisor were attached from August 7th to 18th.

Customs Officers at Antigua training

While in Antigua, the team worked primarily at busy customs stations such as: Airport Customs Baggage Unit, the Custom Enforcement Unit, Heritage Quay Cruise Ship Processing Unit, The Deep Water Harbor Cargo Transit shed and Tariff Unit, Air Cargo Tariff Unit and Air Cargo Warehouse operations as well as at the English Harbor and Jolly Harbor Yacht processing stations.

As part of the entry training and induction of new customs officers, they are required to attend a Regional Junior Basic Customs Officers training course before they are confirmed into post. Montserrat has not been able to send anyone to these courses since 2019, because of the pandemic.

Customs Officers at Antigua training with officials

Director General of the Montserrat Customs and Revenue Services, Peter W. A. White, said “We welcome the opportunity for the period of attachment and related experience as it is very likely that maritime traffic in and out of Montserrat is expected to return to pre-covid levels or even increase with the ongoing construction of the new port facilities. Later this year, we are likely to see the return of Passenger Ferry Services and related increase in arriving and departing passengers and related baggage for Christmas and St. Patrick Celebrations. We are also expecting an increase in the number of cruise ship calls, cargo arrival, and an increased number of yachting calls, so it is important that our staff receive the necessary training and hands on experience in dealing with these matters, in order to prepare them to deal with any situation that may arise.”

On their return to Montserrat, the team of officers met with Premier Joseph Farrell and the acting Financial Secretary Kenya Lee to discuss their experience during the period of attachment and express their thanks for the opportunity.