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Endoscopic Services Resume at the Glendon Hospital

(left to right) Sister Noleen Meade, Dr. Adrian Rhudd, Nurse Jeanette Lee, Endoscopic Nurse Davika Ramsawak- Gunpat, and Dr Gurubasavaiah Manjunath

The Ministry of Health and Social Services announced Thursday that they have resumed providing gastrointestinal and urology endoscopic services at the Glendon Hospital.

The programme was reinstated with support from visiting consultants: Dr Gurubasavaiah
Manjunath – Specialist Surgeon and Endoscopist from Trinidad and Tobago, Endoscopic Nurse Davika Ramsawak- Gunpat also from Trinidad and Dr. Adrian Rhudd – Urologist from Antigua.

The team visited the island from August 15 to 19, 2023 and performed 14 gastroscopies, nine colonoscopies and two cystoscopies. These procedures are necessary to screen for cancers and other abnormalities of the stomach, colon, and bladder.

A total of 25 patients were able to benefit from this programme.

Additionally, two local theatre nurses, Sister Noleen Meade and Senior Nurse Jeanette Lee, were afforded the opportunity to be trained in endoscopic practices and successfully completed such during the consultants’ visit.

Dr. Manjunath expressed his pleasure in assisting Montserrat, noting that “I am happy that this service saved 25 patients from the hurdles of accessing care overseas.”

He went on to express his thanks to the Chief Medical Officer within the Ministry of Health, Dr. Sharra Greenaway- Duberry and the local team of doctors, nurses, and support staff. Commenting on the excellent organizational skills of the team and commitment to patient care which allowed the service to be implemented and executed without any complications.

Permanent Secretary of Health, Ms. Camille Thomas-Gerald voiced her gratitude to the visiting consultants. She stated, “The resumption of the service exemplifies the Ministry of Health’s dedicated mission to easing the financial burden of health care by ensuring local access to expanded and high-quality services.” She also indicated that the endoscopic programme is expected to continue depending on the needs of residents.

Residents who may require endoscopic services must be referred by their local physician to the Ministry of Health to be added to the wait list. If emergency endoscopic services are needed, they must be accessed abroad.