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Ring Centre Family Photo

Montserrat Steps into Multi-Billion Dollar Call Centre Industry with Launch of Ring Centre

A young Montserratian is taking a chance that the island is the perfect location for his new call centre company.

On Thursday, the ribbon was cut to open Ring Centre, Montserrat’s first international call centre which is being operated by Sammy Williams, a young tech entrepreneur based in Manchester, United Kingdom. The local company will complement the software consulting firm he operates there.

Leader of the Opposition Paul Lewis, his brother Sammy Williams, the director of Ring Centre, and businessman Clement Cassell at the launch of Ring Centre on Thursday, August 24, 2023.

Williams shared that Ring Centre is in the business of transforming customer experiences. The focus will be people, process, and technology. To date, 46 people have been trained to work in the centre although they will be starting with a smaller cohort and plan to add team members as needed.

Williams explained that the new venture will utilise market leading platforms which rivals what is available in other countries. It will also leverage artificial intelligence, workflows, and automation to serve its clients. In the first instance, Ring Centre will be providing services to three UK-based companies.

The director said that he has explained to the team that “Not every day is going to be the same. Not everyone is going to be happy when they speak to you.” He added that Montserrat has been a “population of problem solvers. Our people know how to overcome. We have seen dark days, but the future is bright. We are starting small, but this is the foundation on which we can grow.” He added thanks for the support and advice which enabled them to turnaround the vision for the centre in three months.

The ribbon cutting was attended by Premier Joseph Farrell, Speaker of the House Charlena White, Minister Crenston Buffonge, Parliamentary Secretary Veronica Dorsette-Hector, and other government officials, relatives, and other well-wishers.

Opposition Leader Paul Lewis and Williams Family at the opening of their new venture, Ring Centre.

Businessman Clement Cassell said the government needs to offer every incentive to the company to ensure it does not fail. “It is ours to lose,” he added.

Ring Centre Manager Phylicia Daley shared that she returned to Montserrat from America and had been looking for an opportunity through which she could offer the level of customer care that is the standard abroad. “Today is monumental not only for the team but for Montserrat. This is a chance to see a viable global business excel and thrive.”

Leader of the Opposition Paul Lewis, who is the elder brother of Mr. Williams expressed his pride at reaching the milestone.

“The launch of Ring Centre provides for Montserrat a showing of hope and optimism for the private sector. I am certain that many of you here today will join with me in praying that this show of confidence in Montserrat will act as a catalyst that would inspire others with great ideas to see our island as a place where they can do business with the international community, right here from the comfort of this island paradise,” Lewis said.

The politician shared that Jamaica’s call centre sector employs 50,000 workers. The Philippines, has 1.44 million workers in the sector and in the first half of 2022 made US29.1 billion dollars for the economy.

“The scope and potential for growth in this sector is huge for Montserrat. We only need a small percentage of this multi-billion-dollar business processing outsourcing industry to make a significant financial impact on our local economy.

Guests posed questions to the director about the operations of Ring Centre.

“Today’s launch of Ring Centre will create immediate benefits such as 30 jobs within its first year and half – the startup phase. Further benefits to be derived will be rental income for the use of the business space Ring Centre will occupy, paying of utility bills, insurance payments, income tax for our treasury, social security payments and most importantly salaries to the workers who will be employed at Ring Centre.

“Ring Centre will provide much needed employment at a time when employment opportunities are clearly limited in Montserrat. Ladies and Gentlemen, this launch represents a ray of hope; a positive intervention – proving that there are Montserratians locally and abroad who, whenever we work together, can help to move this island forward,” the Opposition Leader stated.

The ribbon was cut by William’s eldest son Taivon while his daughter Allaina and wife Vanessa Williams, who is also head of HR, provided support.

Attendees were able to toast the new venture and received a tour of the facilities to learn more about the centre and its potential for scaling.

Sammy Williams (2nd from right) explains to Premier Farrell and other guests how the centre will operate, as his brother, Opposition Leader Paul Lewis looks on.