Montserrat Tourism Division photo of paddle boarding.

Montserrat’s Tourism Week is September 24 to 30

(Press Release) – Montserrat Tourism Division is gearing up to celebrate World Tourism Day on September 27, 2023, with an exciting week of activities designed to highlight the theme, “Tourism and Green Investments.” This year’s theme focuses on making investments in tourism sustainable, benefiting people, the planet, and prosperity. Montserrat’s Tourism Week promises an array of events and initiatives that emphasizes the island’s commitment to responsible and eco-friendly tourism.

The Montserrat Tourism Week of Activities offers a diverse lineup of events from September 24 to September 30, 2023, with activities designed to engage residents and visitors alike. Here’s a glimpse of the schedule:
Sunday, September 24:
Church Service: The Montserrat Tourism Division as well as stakeholders in the Tourism Industry will join the Wesleyan Holiness Church family in St. Peters for a special church service at 9:00am to kick off the week’s activities.
Walking Tour of Salem and / or St. John’s: Join Mr. Eustace Dyer and Mr David “Jaxxon” Gerald at 5:00pm for an enlightening village walking tour. There is so much to learn as you traverse these villages.
Double Feature Movie Night, Little Bay Playing Field: Join the Tourism Division for a captivating evening under the stars at the Little Bay Playing Field. On the screen at 6:30pm, will be a family-friendly movie, perfect for children and their parents. Later in the evening, at 9:00pm, a film tailored for a more mature audience will be shown. It’s a cinematic experience for everyone!
There will be popcorn, sweet treats and drinks on sale.
Monday, September 25:
Tourism Radio Address on Radio Montserrat: The general public is asked to tune in to Radio Montserrat, for a feature address by the Director of Tourism, Mrs. Rosetta West Gerald. This will be followed by a Radio Quiz in the morning and afternoon, and Radio Tidbits throughout the week.
Tuesday, September 26:
Montserrat National Trust Garden Tour (9am) and/or Elvis’ Orchard Tour (10am): Explore the lush beauty of Montserrat with the National Trust Garden Tour at 9:00am or, Elvis Gerald’s unique Orchard Tour in Mongo Hill at 10:00 AM.

Throughout the day, we’ll shine a spotlight on our valued tourism stakeholders with engaging social media posts.
At 5pm The Tourism Division will collaborate with community groups and the Department of Environment to clean a beach or ghaut to make a positive impact on our local environment. Our beautiful beaches have always been a source of pride, and this event provides an excellent opportunity for everyone to give back to the community and nature.

Wednesday, September 27 (World Tourism Day):
Radio Address by: The Hon. Premier, Joseph Taylor Farrell, who will make a special radio address to mark World Tourism Day.
Careers Day – Open Day: Starting at 9:00am, approximately 30 students will embark on an ‘island tour’ to learn about various stakeholders’ products and services.
Thursday, September 28:
Restaurants Showcase Day from 12 noon: A delectable culinary experience awaits as some of Montserrat’s restaurants, including Summer Breeze, Scoreboard, Grand Phoenix, Olveston House and Dip and Althea’s Kitchen, take center stage on Restaurants Showcase Day. From 12:00pm onwards, these renowned restaurants will tantalize the public’s taste buds with specially crafted dishes featuring either breadfruit, avocado, sweet potato, or mango.
Friday, September 29:
Island Tour: Starting at 2:00pm at the Brades Arts and Education, residents and visitors will have a unique opportunity to visit the Buried City, Plymouth, for a special price of EC$75 per person. Interested individuals can register with the Montserrat Tourism Division via email at or telephone 664 491 4703. The tour will end at Marine Village at the Vendors Fair where local arts and craft will be on sale.
Boat Tour, Kayak Tour, Snorkel Tour: Throughout the day and also on Saturday, snorkeling, kayaking and scenic coastal boat tours will be offered. Details on prices to follow.
Turtle Watching (Woodlands Beach): Join John Jeffers and James “Scriber” Daley for an exciting evening observing the turtles as they crawl ashore to nest.
Saturday, September 30:
Treasure Hike: Embark on a treasure hike with James “Scriber“ Daley and Dr. Thiffanie Skerritt. Participants of the treasure hike will be solving clues along the Oriole trail to win a grand prize. Cost for the ‘Treasure Hike’ will be announced at a later date. The hike will conclude with breakfast/brunch at the Weekend Takeout at Hill Top. Tickets will be available for the breakfast/brunch event.
Tourism Appreciation Reception: Ending the week at 7:00 pm, the Tourism Division will host a reception to appreciate tourism stakeholders who have contributed to Montserrat’s vibrant tourism industry.

Montserrat Tourism Week promises to be an exciting and educational celebration of the island’s rich culture, natural beauty, and commitment to sustainable tourism practices. Join the Tourism Division in recognizing World Tourism Day and celebrating Montserrat’s unique heritage. For all registrations and updates, please visit the Montserrat Tourism Division Facebook and Instagram pages or contact 1 664 491 4703.

The Montserrat Tourism Division is committed to promoting Montserrat as a premier eco-friendly destination while ensuring the sustainability of the island’s tourism industry. Through responsible tourism practices and community engagement, the Division strives to create a vibrant and prosperous future for Montserrat.