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Montserrat’s 2023 Population & Housing Census Begins

The 2023 Population and Housing Census began over the weekend.

According to Montserrat Statistics Department, the enumeration process will continue for seven to eight weeks.

In a press statement released on Friday, September 22, the department said “this exercise invites collaboration from the entire population, underlining its importance and impact on our island’s growth and development.

“Residents and businesses are encouraged to join hands with us to achieve our common goals. Your cooperation and support are paramount to the success of this initiative. It is crucial to understand the consequences of not participating. Census operations are mandatory by law, and failure to participate is punishable by law. Non-participation may result in fines and legal penalties. Incomplete census data may result in skewed policy decisions, adversely affecting our island’s development,” the release stated.

“In preparation for this crucial effort, our dedicated team has undergone extensive training to ensure the accuracy and success of the enumeration process. All field staff members have taken an oath of secrecy to uphold the confidentiality of the information collected.

The Census is not just a statistical exercise; it’s a fundamental part of our civic responsibility. Responding to the Census is a way of actively participating in shaping our island’s future. It plays a pivotal role in gathering valuable data that informs decisions affecting our island’s growth and development. This data helps identify needs, allocate resources, and plan for the future effectively.

“We urge the residents of Montserrat to welcome our enumerators into your homes and businesses, providing them with the necessary information. Census data guides the provision of vital services like healthcare, education, and infrastructure development and by participating in the Census, it helps to ensure that these services are provided Together, we can ensure that our island is accurately represented, and our future planning reflects our true needs,” the released stated.

Anyone with inquiries or concerns related to the enumeration or Census process can visit or call the Statistics Department at 491-3797/4.