Tourism Week Gala at the Montserrat Cultural Centre on Saturday, September 30, 2023. (Nerissa Golden Photo)

Tourism Week Ends with Appreciation Dinner for Stakeholders

Tourism Week Table Card

Officials are calling the second edition of Montserrat’s Tourism Week, organised in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), a “resounding success”.

The week-long celebration to highlight the island’s tourism products ran from September 24 to 30, 2023, using the global theme of “Tourism and Green Investments”.

The division shared promotional content featuring its stakeholders in the tourism sector including restaurateurs, tour guides, spa owners, and hoteliers.

In collaboration with UNDP, the Montserrat Tourism Division arranged a series of events throughout the week, attracting residents and visitors alike.

The week’s climax was the awards dinner for stakeholders on Saturday, September 30, 2023, at the Montserrat Cultural Centre. Guests were treated to entertainment by saxophonist McCloyd White, Guitarist Bimsha and the Next Level Dancers.

The division presented an Appreciation Award to Cedric and Carol Osborne, of the Vue Pointe Hotel, acknowledging their extraordinary dedication and status as the longest-serving stakeholders in Montserrat’s tourism industry.

Appreciation plaques were also distributed to various stakeholders, recognizing their invaluable contributions to the growth of Montserrat’s tourism sector.

Stakeholders were presented with a Tourism Week Appreciation Award for their contributions to the industry at the Montserrat Cultural Centre on Saturday, September 30, 2023. (Nerissa Golden Photo)

Dr. Gary Morton commented on the success of the events, saying, “Tourism Week 2023 was a remarkable opportunity to expose Montserrat’s young people and locals to our unique tourism products and educate them about the diverse career options available in the industry. As a stakeholder, it warms my heart to witness our efforts being acknowledged and celebrated.”

One student who attended Career Day shared her enthusiasm, saying, “I enjoyed learning about scuba diving and having the opportunity to try on the diving equipment. It opened my eyes to the exciting possibilities in Montserrat’s tourism industry.”

The events planned during Tourism Week 2023 witnessed overwhelming participation, with particular enthusiasm for:
Movie Night: An enchanting evening under the stars which saw over 75 families and friends gather at the Little Bay Playing field to enjoy the cinematic experience.
Turtle Watching Tour: A significant number of attendees gathered at Woodland Beach to witness the guided tour by John Jeffers and James “Scriber” Daley, showcasing the turtles as they crawl to the shore to lay their eggs.
Career Day: 46 students explored diverse career opportunities in the tourism industry, inspiring young minds to consider tourism as a promising career path.
Treasure Hike: This thrilling adventure encouraged participants to explore and learn about the flora on the Oriole Trail to win an enticing prize.

Rosetta West Gerald, Director of Tourism, expressed her gratitude, stating, “Tourism Week 2023 has grown positively and has become an eagerly anticipated event in our stakeholders’ calendar. The unwavering support and enthusiasm from our stakeholders and partners including the UNDP, and the community, reaffirm our belief that tourism is everyone’s business. We eagerly anticipate an even more spectacular Tourism Week in 2024 with the tentative dates being September 22 – 28.”

The division said it aims to continue to foster sustainable tourism practices and celebrate its unique offerings, residents and visitors are invited to immerse themselves in the island’s tourism products and experiences.

Special thanks was given to the private businesses who sponsored prizes for the radio quizzes, including St. Patrick’s Co-operative Credit Union, Victor’s Supermarket, Oasis Spa, Emerald Serenity Spa, Osborne Service Station, Montserrat Volcano Observatory, Tropical Mansion Suites, MS Osborne, UNDP, and Hypnotik. They also acknowledged the stakeholder who hosted students for the Career Day.