Future Salem Community Centre Project Begins with BNTF Funding

Work is expected to begin this month on the future Salem Community Centre.

According to a release from the Government Information Unit (GIU), the Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF) signed a contract valued at XCD $1,254,090.40 with Kitchen Doc LLC to turn the old Salem Primary School into a Community Centre.

Owner of Kitchen Doc LLC, Joseph ‘Lovy’ Silcott photographed signing the Salem Community Resource
Centre Rehabilitation. Credit-GIU

The contract, signed on Tuesday November 7, 2023, at the Office of the Premier is the largest of the three projects under the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB)/BNTF10 Project Cycle. The design phase of the project, as explained by the BNTF, began in August 2022 and went through a rigorous process to adhere to the CDB guidelines, followed by the publication of the Invitation to Bid on the Government of Montserrat Tender website.

“Three bids were received and evaluated, and Kitchen Doc LLC a company owned by Joseph ‘Lovy’ Silcott emerged the preferred bidder,” said BNTF Project Manager, Jennifer Meade during the signing ceremony.

Meade said “The signing of the Contract with Kitchen Doc LLC is significant as the rehabilitation will create jobs and put money into people’s pockets and into the economy. When the Centre is completed, it will bring much pride and joy to Montserrat, especially the residents of Salem. It is a historical asset and has sentimental value to the community. Its restoration will mean that it can be used for the various functions which were previously held such as skills training for young people, lectures, wedding and birthday celebrations and a meeting place for other social activities, which are essential to building a cohesive community.”

BNTF, is a CDB programme which was implemented over 40 years ago and provides grant funding for poverty alleviation projects.

Photo (l-r)- Design and Supervision Consultant, Adrian Galloway; Administrative Officer BNTF, Gilmore
Williams; BNTF Project Manager, Jennifer Meade; Architect, Ivason Galloway; Owner of Kitchen Doc LLC, Joseph
‘Lovy’ Silcott; Witness, Lovetta Silcott and Permanent Secretary, Office of the Premier-Daphne Cassell during the
contract signing ceremony. Credit-GIU