Department of Environment to Plant 3500 Trees with Darwin Local Funds

Staff of the Department of Environment and three committee groups will be commissioned to plant 3500 trees across the island under a new Darwin Local project.

Darwin Local, is a new funding initiative to empower more organisations and individuals to deliver projects that preserve the environment.

The Round 1 Darwin Local project, Green Space Creation on Montserrat, valued at £18,500.00, is aimed at replacing dead trees and adding to existing trees at specific locations and/or creating new green spaces.

According to the project application submitted by Director of the Department of Environment Ernestine Corbette, the seedlings to be planted are Lignum Vitae. Caliandra and Rondelitia (Pribby), almond, coconut, sea grapes, and mangrove trees (buttonwood and white). Fruit trees such as soursop, mango, lime, avocado and cocoa will also be planted.

The aim is to boost Montserrat’s food security by providing a viable food source once mature.

Green Spaces Creation Project

Lignum Vitae. Caliandra and Rondelitia (Pribby) are native or endemic plants that the department said it wanted to prioritise in its planting activities. “It is widely known that native plants have higher resilience to weather events than invasive Flora. Seedlings will be planted in protected forests, as well as curbside, schools, riverbanks, and mining areas, among other areas.”

Each of the three community groups working with the department will be assigned a designated area for planting and will be tasked with maintaining the seedlings once planted. Some locations will be serviced by individuals hired as part of the project to target.

The target is to plant 2500 native trees and 1000 fruit trees.

The project also includes awareness campaigns on various media platforms and in primary and secondary schools.

The application period for Round 3 Darwin Plus Local projects is now open for new projects as noted below:

  • Darwin Plus Local Round 3 – now open – deadline 29 November 2023
  • Darwin Plus Local Round 4 – scheduled to open in April 2024 (subject to change and confirmation)

Review the types of projects funded and apply –> Darwin Plus projects in Montserrat.